Bharata,The son of Gandhi

Gandhi-2It is often said that there is a difference between war of the words and that of the bullets. But I don’t think so, for you can’t stop either of these, once they have been shot,once actions has been taken, work is over! Damage has already been done. No matter how hard one tries to bring them back, one can’t oppose Newton’s laws of motion and one must get ready to face circumstances.

“I have been loaded and I know that the time has come when I will have to complete my task, the task for which i have been created, in an unknown place, by an unknown entity. All i know right now is that my prey is standing right before me and I have to shoot him. Till now I didn’t know who my prey is but as i approach him,I can see him,his face,an old man with spectacles,half-naked,wearing only a white dhoti. Now I hear his name and I know who he is! People are shouting ‘Bapu! Bapu!’,it means father and here I have to pierce through his stomach,the stomach of this father of the people,I am here to kill the person who taught people how to fight for their stomach, their rights, ‘No!’,I can’t do this,I can’t”, and the fired bullet stopped,betraying all of Newton’s laws of motion, nothings true anymore and the father had been saved; the father of the people, Mahatma Gandhi, had been saved.

Father adopted a child and named him ‘Bharata’(this child is symbolical to india). He knew that this child was now his responsibility. He tried his best to raise his ‘Bharata’ with all his strengths, his principles. But the obstacles of circumstances, the numerous blows of a developing country’s problems always came in the way of his upbringing. Post independence, country, was in the clutches of communal riots. The war of the bullets along with the war of the words had cast a heavy veil of uncertainty upon his ‘Bharata’, who was undergoing a very lop-sided development due to a never-ending dilemma of thoughts,principles,violence,non-violence,so much so that these issues eventually move on to become the dilemmas of his life!.

While Bapu (Father) was busy with his Charkha ( a domestic spinning wheel used chiefly for cotton), a group of policymakers were busy formulating policies for the development of a new ‘Bharata’(India) .These people came to seek some suggestions from father, which would decide the future of ‘Bharata’. But is it really that simple to play with someone’s future, especially if he is your beloved? Father suggested to develop the rural areas, so that the country might achieve equality in development, which would, in turn, reduce the gap between rich and poor people. It was certainly a very difficult task for a father to let go of his child. The policymakers had other ideas; they wanted industrialisation so as to achieve quick profits and boost the country’s economy! Father, eventually got caught in the web of greed and selfishness.

With father falling prey to the policymaker’s greed, the future of ‘Bharata’ was also uncertain. He grew up to become a disillusioned character, unaware of which way to go and what path to follow-the principles of his father or the countrymakers’ policies. He only knew the policy of ‘survival of fittest’, so decided to follow the policies that had been framed for the development of the country. He went to the city seeking employment and a better life. Young blood is full of a different kind of zeal, which makes it possible to achieve even the impossible. Bharata got a job in Krishna Textiles. Everything went smoothly for sometime; cash flowed in; he lived a good life,till one day and his world changed forever!

The father of the people had become a point of constant discussion among the policymakers. The reason was his demand to develop rural areas. According to the policymakers, this would impede the development of cities, since infrastructures were limited. Policymakers knew that it would be next to impossible to overpower the current government. But they also had a fair idea of the consequences that ignoring father’s suggestions would lead to. The general image of the government would get affected adversely, if his advice was not followed, and so the policymakers decided to follow his advice for once so as to make the winds to flow in their favor. By doing so, they would win the war of thoughts over him.

‘Bharata’ prayed to god and then took his luggage and joined his colleagues. They were going to Aslamgarh. Policymakers had decided to shift Krishna Textiles to a rural area called Aslamgarh which was primarily a Muslim area and had been badly affected during the post partition riots. The wounds of the riots were still fresh in the minds of the people of Aslamgarh, and they didn’t want to have a Hindu factory in their area. In a way, the policymakers were constantly hammering a nail into the wall, and finally now the nail was completely in. Riots broke out in the area as people started killing workers of Krishna Textiles. The workers, including Bharata tried all means to save their lives, but little did they know what to do.

It was a dawn time, and the father of people was walking, holding a stick in one hand while the other hand helped him to take the support of a child. They were walking when all of a sudden, violence broke out. There was fire all around, father asked the child to come back to him but he picked up a stone and hurled it at the people. Father could only shout ‘No Bharata!’

Young ‘Bharata’ was killing people; his friends had been killed by the people of Aslamgarh. ‘Bharata’ had now strayed too far from his father’s ideology. Violence has overtaken non-violence. Father saw Bharata’s picture in the newspaper, wherein he was killing people and everything seemed to be over for him. His only asset ‘Bharata’ changed. But the change didn’t stop there. In the newspaper a report was published , according to which it was Bapu who had forced policymakers to shift Krishna Textiles to Aslamgarh for the development of the area, despite knowing the situation of Aslamgarh. Allegedly, it was because of him that hundreds of people had been killed. ‘Bharata’ silently read this report.

“The war of the Mahabharata is only fiction, for it didn’t actually happen. This war represents the inner war between good and evil that goes on inside a man. Kurukshetra is not a real battlefield. It is not that Krishna incites Arjuna to fight a real Mahabharata. Mahabharata only symbolizes the inner conflict and war of man, and so it is a parable.” Father was telling this to a group of people gathered to listen to him. Somewhere else, ‘Bharata’ was also listening to someone with exactly opposite thoughts, “A great upsurge of non-violence has arisen in the mind of Arjuna and he seems to be strongly protesting against war. He is prepared to run away from battlefield, he feels that there is no use fighting and killing one’s own family and relatives.He would rather be a beggar than a king, if kingship costs so much blood and tears.Then ‘Krishna’ very strongly urges Arjuna to drop his cowardice and fight like a true warrior.So long as you believe you can kill someone, you are not a man with a soul, you are not a religious man. If you think you can kill someone you are under a great illusion, you are betraying ignorance, for killing and dying is a materialistic concept.” So ends the speech, but a single speech related to religion is more than enough for a religious man to reform his thoughts. The seeds which had been sown into his soul from childhood had completely shrivelled now. The new seeds of violence were going to take Bharata’s life to a new path; a path of bloods and tears!

“I have been loaded again and I know that the time has come when I will have to complete my task ,the task for which I have been created, in an unknown place, by an unknown entity. My prey is standing right before me.Till now I didn’t know who my prey is but as I approach him,I can see him,his face, but what is this? Surely, I have seen this face before, for somewhere in the back of my mind, I can relocate it. Yes, he is the same half-naked old man with spectacles, his name is Bapu, meaning father and his own ‘Bharata’ has fired me to shot him today!!!! His own beloved ‘Bharata’ has become the killer of his father! This assault will make his soul cry forever! It will scatter blood and tears all around” and the stopped Bullet who betrayed Newton’s Laws of motion continued, “I, the stopped bullet,pierces through Bapu’s stomach, Newton’s laws of motion are obeyed.But do I hear him utter ‘Hey Ram’(Oh Lord)? I don’t know why he said it. But for now, my task is over and I am happy that I have killed Father of the people,Mahatma Gandhi! Because if then I would had been stopped than story might be something else!”




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