A Regular Story

regularYes, this is a regular story like most of the stories of our illusive world. This is a story of a jinxed shop, a regular jinxed shop who believed in repeating her black history over again & again. This shop (A Black Widow shop) witnessed martyrdom of Mr. Toddy, Mr.Doddy, and many other fellows like them, which compelled universe to tag her as a Black widow. People like Toddy and Doddy took courage to overpower her, before that daring act world warned them to control their zeal but they were far too determined to flag their victory, which apparently did not happen. This diabolical shop happened to be an electric shop, a cosmetic shop & a carpenter shop until Friday thirteen of 2016. From my reliable sources, it was wiki-leaked that many people suffered mental breakdown too because of her, which once again proved her lethality. What a shame! Those foolishly courageous people believed that π was π but in actual its Ψ (PS: It is a scientific joke!) “However, the point is if a π could change then fair chances are there that formula for karmic laws (refer Bhagwadgita) might change in future too. Even the laws of changes are inevitable as per the same Bhagwadgita”. Few days later, a round table conference was discussing the same matter when news broke out that Mr.Dedzz was now over her, something that world could expect only from him! Err!Ms. Black widow was ready again!

By the way, now it is a medicine shop. (Rest in peace!)


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