A Homily Affair

original-sin-bill-meeker - Copy

“Hahahaha…so you still here?”, The Black widow utters.

Dedzz stares at the Black widow.

The Black widow asks him “Now when you are so much filled up with the white light, the positive light, the optimist light then why coming back to the other pole”.

He mums for a couple of seconds and then shots his tongue for the first time, “May be unalike attract each other”.

“Your take, not mine”, The Black Widow replies.

The Black widow, who is sorcerer this time, dressed in long black gown, trying to spice up the cooking bowl which is over the flame of fig woods, again asks him, “What do you think I am doing?”

“Cooking up something may be some maleficial dish to mesmerize someone in order to gain some favor from this someone” , Dedzz replies idiotically.

“Stereotyping is epistemological erroneous in nature” , after speaking these words The Black widow gaze at not so curious eyes of Dedzz and continues “it’s a soup, creamy chicken soup!!”

Dedzz is standing just in front of The Black widow with a cooking platform in between them; obviously he is not into his senses. Hormonal problems underrate the rationality and overrate the thumos and Dedzz is a man of thumos at this point of time. Behind The Black widow there is a lusterless wall with some un-plastered patches which is not complementing her personality at all but can’t say this about her  hole-and-corner idea.

Soup which is literally between them is spicing up very vigorously and flame with 20.95% oxygen supply is displaying assorted avatars and to perceive nature’s avant-garde we need an open, objective, unbiased, unprejudiced mind and without fear and favor approach.

“You know, fear is inversely related to freedom. More you fear, less free you are and more you feel free then less fearful you are” after uttering these she pours the soup from cooking bowl to soup bowl and gently moves towards Dedzz.

Her full view held him spellbound.

She continues to sermonize, “While committing ‘Original Sin’, Eve was craving for more freedom but Adam was fearful of his father in heaven. He also had a hormonal problem which drove him to please her and then they ate the forbidden fruit. This finally led to fall of man.”

She pauses and picks up again, “So the question is what this father in heaven wants- a fearful man or a free man?”

She was never ever so much close to him before  and his heart is palpitating. With one hand she gives him a soup bowl and with index finger of other hand she touches his neck and says, “Even you have the Adam’s apple!”

Suddenly she grips his neck harder with full palm with mischief in her eyes and whispers to him , “Have a soup”.

As soon as the first drop of soup crosses his throat, convulsion starts and he collapses to the floor. The rest is history (R.I.P)







  1. It’s a true talent when you can crank out a short story like this from thin air. Most folks have no idea what work this is, or how keen your imagination has to be in order to entertain with the written word. Great job!

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