An Encounter with Hades

hades_by_avatarrutger-d5xpf2z (1)Dedzz is in outer space, he doesn’t know how he reaches here, may be he is having ‘out of body experience’ but he is not sure of it. Last thing he remembers is lying down on a bed at 0100 hrs. He is quite amazed by seeing, feeling, experiencing this part of universe though stars and planets are still very far from him & he can only see some faint, twinkling lights coming out of those remotely positioned celestial objects. He is just another tellurian in this unearthly place. He feels that he is free now. He can fly, glide, soar here which used to be resisted by his material body down there on earth. Words can limit the expressions of a man by specifying some material meaning to it. Words are mundane by nature but here in a wordless space nothing can peg him. He is at last a chain-less happy man.

“Ow” he wails. Suddenly something from rear side hits him; he can feel the pain, a physical pain on this non physical world. He turns back and what he sees is more than enough to flabbergast him. A belt of asteroids is whooshing towards him; he has no idea what to do or what not to do. He is in great conundrum. He tries to fly away from here but asteroids are not in mood to spare him. They overtake him and start hitting him fiercely. He can’t utter a word in this dark wordless space; he doesn’t know how to express his feeling which he wants to do desperately. Now he understands the utility of words.

Asteroids shove him continuously and now he can see three concentric belts of asteroids around him. “Oh my goodness”, he exclaims.

“Hey Dedzz! Welcome to the Underworld”, Hades says to him.

render hades final

Dedzz turns back and spots a 10 feet long man, with pointed curvy nose, yellow eyes, sporting a long black gown, a human skull on right hand and devilish smile on his face.

“I, the King of Underworld, the God of dead, the son of Cronus and Rhea; welcomes you here”, after saying this Hades smiles.

Dedzz is totally clueless and Hades continues “Don’t get tense Dedzz, you know there is a Buddhist philosophy, which says that if there is a problem and you know the solution then simply follow it, thus no reason to get tense and if there is no solution then dude why to take tension? anyway you can’t do anything, so just embrace it”. And Hades starts rotating the skull which is on his right hand.

Hades points towards asteroids and says to him “Let them play with you, I assure you that they will strike, stroke, smack, smash, slap, slam, spank and swat you like anything.” “But dude you please, don’t get tense”, Hades guffaws.

Dedzz turns numb.

“Hey man, I have a surprise gift for you! Have a peek”, Hades enunciates and shifts leftward.

Behind Hades, Dedzz now sees a coffin with a transparent upper cover, through which he can see the occupant, The Black Widow. She is lying down in there in long black gown, her eyes are closed as if she is in great delight in this new abode.

“So you are here for her?” “Yeah, you are, aren’t you?” “La-la-la-la-la-la” and Hades starts dancing.

“You can take your sleeping beauty out of her lodging, I have no issues” and Hades stops before shooting his last line. “But I don’t want this coffin to be empty; I need someone who can compensate me for remaining period of her stay. May be you can fill this vacuum. What say?”

The very next moment, Dedzz is in the coffin. What to say now? The rest is history. (R.I.P)



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