People In The Well

jacobs-well-4[2]“Salaam Sahib”, Dedzz had stood up and saluted, head of his local Police station. Sahib name was General Dyer. He was one of the British who were tasked with exploiting India for as much time as possible. Hierarchy was the rule that means obeying the rule of superior was the golden rule. Late 1910 was ultimate time to be in India. Nationalism was at its peak but mind it, nationalism is different from patriotism. Nationalism is a negative term but patriotism is positive. Because of nationalism Mr. Hitler did all inhuman things during 1930’s. But Dedzz was still a human and he loved Black Widow. Black Widow under the circumstances of time was under the influence of nationalism and Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was her ideal. World War 1 had just finished, allied powers won this war in the name of freedom and democracy but hardly allied powers were interested in granting these to their colonies. In fact colony is very decent word; more appropriately the word should be servant. After World War 1 they i.e. masters curbed the civil rights, might be because of Russian revolution of 1917 which challenged capitalism. Capitalism or in modern terms Illuminati group was not happy with this course of history. Meanwhile, still Dedzz had not proposed to her, to Black widow.

Lovers are more inclined toward passions than toward reasons…universal fact. Albino Widow was his best friend and he told his heartily feelings to her. Albino Widow advised her to tell this to Black widow which he accepted and wrote some brilliant letters which if would had published than would ashamed Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore too. Believe me those were far better than Geetanjali. But fate!!!Destiny!!! Teleological things could not be changed…at least India at those times still believed in laws of karma. Though Beatles too believed that… Hippies of 70’s believed that but they extinct…with them ideas became extinct too…

Martial law was passed in Punjab which meant no public gatherings but people of Punjab gathered at Jallianwala Bagh to celebrate Baisakhi. I still remember one of my friends told me lately that if you want to enjoy your life then you need wine, women and wealth which meant you should live in Punjab. You should be in heaven to enjoy the sweet but Punjab at that point of time was soon to become hell.

General Dyer asked all of his subordinates to assemble at Jallianwala bagh and as per hierarchy Dedzz was one of the first government personnel who reported to call of duty. The whole area was packed with just one entry/exit point which was already occupied by British Mai Baap who was here in India to civilized Indians. Rule of law was most important thing, not to discriminate anyone, to be value neutral was mantra of that time and people were violating martial law or curfew law. Dyer had to take a call and he ordered “Fire!!!!” Dedzz without giving a thought fired on unarmed peaceful crowd. Bullets started piercing crowd; one of the bullets from Dedzz gun fired out and pierced his loved one. Black widow was pierced by his own bullet. Dedzz amidst these hodge- podge could sense that something went wrong. People ran towards only “well” which was in bagh compound and started jumping in to well to save themselves from showers of bullet. But all went in vain. Story was already finished.

Dedzz was holding dead body of Black widow, his own bullet had pierced her and at that point of time he was feeling uneasy even to cry. Albino Widow came in between and after seeing failed love story of them, confessed that she never delivered those love letters to Black Widow because she herself loved Dedzz.

Dedzz could still see that his fellowmen were firing on Punjabi crowd and people were jumping in well and without giving any single thought he did the same. While jumping, one of the bullets pierced him too but that was insignificant. Rest in Peace!!!



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