12th Dimension Part 1

cosmiconenessxr4Space always entices human beings, it’s an expectation, and it’s zeal of humans to find something unknown which is so much intrinsic to human nature that makes unexplored space attractive to them. Actually knowing the unknown civilized humans, they came out of their caves, their jungles, settled near rivers, then again moved towards jungles & mountains and finally destroyed them. Irony of life, and still we call ourselves civilized; a highly optimistic, egoistic view indeed. So now obviously the place which is still unexplored is space, beyond our atmosphere, the outer earth place. Habituating outer space is just a matter time for humans. 


Gandhi rightly said that earth has enough for everyone’s needs but not for everyone’s greed but the cult of capitalism, aspiring for maximizing profits, justifying this in the name of liberalism, laissez faire, hegemonies by Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nation, criticized by Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto though he too admired productive capacity of capitalists , in fact all these  justified this greedy materialistic nature of new system of capitalism which has been reigning since advent of industrialization.

But Dedzz was hardly concerned with this state of nature. He was witnessing the real cosmic movement wherein earth and other planets were moving around the sun in a helical manner like the DNA structure. Sun was following the same movement and moving forward in a helical manner relative to our galaxy Milky Way. Dedzz unhesitatingly joined sun, became his partner and now as a true companion, pillion of sun even he didn’t know where they were heading. That snaky movement, helical movement was quite astonishing for all including Dedzz. He was enjoying the company of the sun and moving towards the unknown.


We all aspire for stability but it’s not the law of nature but entropy is. Destruction of system is a law and to ensure negative entropy is our necessity to perpetuate human domination and till now we have been successful and we will always be. Stephen Hawking once said that any advanced civilization could not afford to live on planet we are destined to live in space as a refugee and finding the unknown.

Meanwhile Dedzz journey witnessed something abnormal, gravity changed itself he was drifting from helical journey towards a place where nothing could be justified from human rationality and he entered the dark space ‘the black hole’. Black hole swallowed him but he was still intact, not blasted off. He was swimming in a vacuum, head up and down and feet down and up. Suddenly everything stopped and he found himself before a circular source of white light which too was in motion sometimes clockwise and sometimes anticlockwise. He could feel significant connection with it. At this point of time nothing was between him & white source of light.


Voice came out of white source of light, “What do you want to know Dedzz? Though the fact is we all know the answers but under illusion, ’The Maya’, we are ignorant about it. I know what you want to know but for the sake of your emotions, though being emotionless is the only practicality of so called life, I still ask you what you want to know?”

Dedzz knew this was the time and fearlessly asked the deepest question of this cosmos, “Why are we being born? Who am I? What is the ultimate purpose of my life?”

And then it replied “You are my manifestation, I am you and you all are me, I made everything then I divided myself and put those divided parts in all of you as your spirits inside your bodily chambers. You, your father, your mother, your brother, your sister, and all other beings of earth are same. You all are one, you all are same, and you all are me. But under the great illusion you couldn’t see it. In fact this illusion creates emotions. When you feel that there is a difference between you and other creatures then emotion emerges, with inequality you favor or disfavor things and emotions pop up. You suffer from ‘I and they’ syndrome though there is no they and you but only ‘I’. Overcoming this and considering and seeing yourself into others, believing that stranger sitting next to you is actually you, is the first step and later on considering ‘you’ as ‘I’ is the next step and assimilating yourself into me is the final step, a blissful stage.”


“Emotion is illusion?!? I don’t believe it, it is real! Without emotions life will be dull, meaningless. I don’t believe it.” Dedzz replied.

Then it said “When you help someone then do you expect gratitude from him? A token of thankfulness from him? Yes, you expect, but when you help yourself then whether you are grateful to yourself? After eating food, drinking water do you appreciate yourself, considered yourself to be thankworthy??No! But when you donate to beggars, when you help needy, when you monetarily aid your friend or relative or colleague or subordinate, then you expect this from them. But once you realize that you and they are same then you wouldn’t expect anything in return from them. Because you have just helped yourself. You and they are not different; in fact we all are one. Linguistic wise I am God and you all are God too and this is self realization”

light being - universe

Dedzz was still confused…to be continued..




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