Recently, I had a chat with one of my friend, who is working in the US with H1B visa. We talked about lots of things, some personal talks and some not so personal talks. Then suddenly we moved towards politics and like an evergreen fashion he started criticizing Indian government. We Indians, love to criticize our own government, we don’t need anyone to do the same for us, we are quite self sufficient at least in this field. Then to divert him (as I am always a pro- government), asked him “So what about the US Presidential Election?” He said “Here they have a nice and rational convention of having debates among Presidential candidates” and he again started criticizing Indian system of election. Then he sent me a link of Wall Street Journal which was about the US election.

I opened the link and saw him for the first time and his face reminded me someone. This man, a Democrats presidential candidate, has a close resemblance with former president of the US and to clear my doubt I searched in Google and I found it. I found a classical picture of WW II where a doppelganger was sitting with Stalin and Winston Churchill.

‘The Big Three’: Winston Churchill, Franklin D Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin sit for photographs during the Yalta Conference in February 1945. NAM 236 Part of WAR OFFICE SECOND WORLD WAR OFFICIAL COLLECTION

Mr. Bernie Sanders look a lot like Franklin D Roosevelt aka FDR, 32nd President of the US. So for the time being we can now have one new, one more conspiracy theory. It seems like, may be history is going to repeat itself. Atleast Machiavelli believed in the cyclical nature of human history.


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