Mangalsutra, The Wedding Necklace

mangalsutra-movie-poster-2009-1020670232Purush, Sandy, & Sidhu lived in Pune; they were pursuing their graduation from there. Life was good for them; party, pool, adventures & other stuffs had made their life very much like a fairy tale. They got a bungalow in a posh area of Pune city, India. But strangely their landlord had locked one room and no one was allowed to even roam around it. Landlord would come some night, locked himself in that room and next day without telling anything to anyone would leave. This thing became a part of their lives. No one even questioned it as they got the bungalow in a very cheap rent and no interference in their personal lives. And surprisingly, suddenly landlord had stopped visiting his bungalow.

Vaibhav was their classmate, he was a holy cow. He was punctual, a college topper, gave proxy attendance for them, in short he was a naïve person. He made their academic lives very easy indeed by helping them out in odd situations.

That day Purush came to college to attend classes & he saw him and out of gratitude asked him to join them for a night out, not knowing that he would be going to remember that night for whole of his life, that night would haunt him forever.

It was night 10 o clock.

“Where is he?” Sandy asked Purush.

“I don’t know man, I am with you guys all the time, how would I know his whereabouts?” Purush replied.

“Whatever! Just call him!” Sandy said.

Purush called him and then out of blues a house bell rang. Sidhu opened the door and it was Vaibhav.

“Welcome dude, we have been waiting for you. Where were you?” Sidhu asked Vaibhav.

“College assignments bhai (brother)” Vaibhav responded and entered the house.

While entering the house he looked at the locked room which was at the end of ground floor.

“Why is that room locked?” Vaibhav enquired Sidhu.

“Landlord’s order!” he replied.

Then they climbed the first floor after taking the stairs.

“Hey Ass Saver we have been waiting for you!” Purush & Sandy shouted with an excitement.

Vaibhav smiled.

A hell of party was followed subsequently, all of them were laughing, and discussing, tummy filled, mind satisfied, body relaxed and now they were spiritually enlightened. Finally party wastes were all over the floor.

“Hey Vaibhav, could you give us a favor?” Sandy said.

“Yes tell me, it would be my pleasure” Vaibhav said.

“Could you put these, these & these wastes in a bag, and then go to terrace and from there you could see a dustbin and just basket them in a bin?” Sandy requested while pointing towards the floor.

“Yes, No problem!” Vaibhav said.

After collecting wastes in a bag, he went to terrace. He returned back unusually late, after some half an hour. His body was shivering, his eyes were rolled up, his body temperature was abnormally high and he was totally out of his senses.

“What happen Vaibhav?” Purush asked him.

“Nothing, but can we sleep together in a same room today?” Vaibhav pleaded.

All of them got up, looked at him, noticed his frightened look and said combinedly ” Yes, Why not!”

There were two beds in a room, they joined them and laid down. Purush suddenly stood up and went to switch off the light. And he switched off the light.


Vaibhav screamed! All of them got up, Purush who was still near to switchboard switched on the light. Vaibhav was screaming, his body was shaking, his pupil diluted, he was grinding his teeth and he was sweating tremendously.

Sidhu shook him, ” Vaibhav, are you ok? What’s wrong with you?” He shouted at him

“That girl is here” Vaibhav uttered.

“Who girl?” All of them asked him.

“That girl whom I have seen at terrace when I went to throw wastes” he replied.

Three of them looked all around the room, but they couldn’t see anyone. Then they looked at each other and Purush took the charge.

“You sleep Vaibhav, we won’t switch off the light” Purush said and smiled and then all of them slept peacefully. Light remained on for the whole night.

Next day Vaibhav woke up early and left without saying anything to anyone.

“People, it’s been more than two weeks now, we haven’t heard anything from Vaibhav, let’s call him” Purush said to Sandy and Sidhu.

Sidhu said “He freaked us out that night man, but yes I am also worried about him, ask him to visit us tonight”

Purush called him and invited him again.

That night Vaibhav came once again and after having dinner they jokingly asked him “What was that Vaibhav? Hope you remember our last night out?”

“Yes I remember” he said

“What you remember Vaibhav?” Sidhu winked and asked him.

“I saw a girl at your terrace” he paused and then continued “But she is a nice girl and nowadays she visits me regularly” Vaibhav said.

All of them turned numb for a while and then started giggling.

Sandy said “So you mean to say that you saw a girl at our terrace and now she meets you?”

Vaibhav nodded.

“Have you gone insane? Are you out of your mind” Sandy replied and became serious.

“No, I am serious” Vaibhav said.

Sidhu laughed and questioned him “So in that case yours ‘Beauty & the Beast’ might be here with us at this point of time”

“No, not exactly but she is at terrace” Vaibhav answered confidently.

All of then looked at each other in an utter disbelief.

Purush said “Let’s go there, we need to bring him out of his imaginary world, we need to break his hallucination” and all of them along with Vaibhav went to terrace.

It was a full moon night, sky was clear, devoid of any clouds, and there was a complete silence.

Sidhu broke the stillness of night and cried out loud “Where are you Vaibhav’s lady? Come forward, make yourself visible to us, you holy ghost, you pure spirit”

“Shhhhh…” Vaibhav hushed.

” What??” Sidhu angrily looked at Vaibhav.

Then Vaibhav pointed towards a vacant chair which was at the corner of terrace near to water tank.


” She is sitting right there” after saying this he moved forward towards the chair, knelled down, put his head on a chair as if putting his head on someone’s lap. All of them looked at him disgustingly.

“What nonsense!!!” Sandy uttered.

Suddenly Vaibhav lifted his head up and spoke aloudly “No!!!!!! Don’t harm them, they are my friends, you couldn’t do this?”

Sidhu was irritated now, Sandy was giggling and Purush was in confused state. Suddenly something happened, it looked like that someone pushed Vaibhav really hard. He was in air for some time, and then he fell down on terrace floor, far away from that vacant chair.

All of them were grossed out, flabbergasted and intimidated now. Purush ran towards the metallic rods which were protruding out of the pillar, clinched it with his both palms and started chanting Hanuman mantra (religious mantra). Meanwhile Vaibhav stood up and everybody held Purush’s hand. And all of them started chanting Hanuman mantra in a deep tone at night 3 o clock and for the full night they chanted it without ungripping metallic rods. Sun rose up from the east; it was a dawn time and Purush stopped reciting mantra and released his palms from metallic rods.

Vaibhav left at around morning 10 o clock. After a month they saw him once again in a college canteen and asked him, “Who was she?”

And Vaibhav said “Few months back, a young boy of 8 years old came to me when I was in market, he offered me a mangalsutra (a wedding chain) and asked me some Rs 1000 for it, but chain value was of more than lakh. So I asked him from where he got it? And he said he belonged to a well to do family but out of bad luck his parents died in a road accident and then they got bankrupted. I gave Rs 1000 to him without taking mangalsutra. That mangalsutra was his mother’s chain. And then I left; thereafter this boy too met an accident and died. His only elder sister did his last rituals with that Rs 1000 which I gave to him and then she died too, she committed suicide out of depression and this was that lady who haunted me, whom I saw at your terrace, she was searching for me. In fact she herself told me this story”

Three of them looked at him without saying a word and then Purush asked him “Is she still here?”

Vaibhav put his left hand into his shirt’s pocket and said “No” and then he continued “But she told me that she would visit me again after 2 months” and Vaibhav took his hand out of the pocket and showed them a mangalsutra.

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