Climate Change- A Real isuue

pigs on the wingTill recently most of the people around the world had been quite skeptic about climate change issue but increase in the frequency of harsh weather conditions led them to mend them their thinking. Despite positive impact of Montreal protocol and Vienna convention on Ozone hole, mainstream scientists still don’t consider biological/environmental (life science) findings as a complete fact, a sad and unsaid truth. Even today we can easily find some scientists who refute the theory of evolution, though case of ‘Super-bug’ i.e. antibiotic resistance bacteria has once again proved its utility.

Coming to India, here no one bothers about climatic change, no political parties talk about it, it is absent in social media, in audio-visual media debates and in simple words it is not a part of national discourse at all. Critics of climate change consider it as elitist, exaggerated, anti development, anti-India forces’ subversion attempt (both state and non state actors). But the fact is ignoring ‘climate change’ by India would be the gravest mistake of 21st century. Two continuous drought year, increase in El Nino frequency, increase in frequency and intensity of tropical cyclone, glacier melting, untimely rain, rise in temperature and heat waves, changing rainfall pattern, unbearable outside environment etc have been part of our life. All of us have been encountering these. This shows that our biological/environmental scientists are not wrong. Though some will say that climate change is a natural process which indeed is true but anthropogenic factors have definitely aggravated the situation. Climate change is coincided with rise in industrialization, pollution, human activities, and indiscriminate use of unwanted chemicals.

It is true that development is necessary for well-being of people, but threatening our very existence for the sake of development is not a rational move at all. Biodiversity and ecosystem paved the way for rise of human and we have to bear the consequences for any change/disturbance in balanced tune of ecosystem. We should not forget that we too are part of this planet and destroying our own home is indeed a dumb act. Harsh weather conditions have already led to adverse social, economical and political impacts on our society and lives. All things are interconnected, for development political stability, rule of law, ease of doing business are required and I would like to add stable weather/climatic conditions as another requirement. Any adverse change in the latter would surely impact all the former requirements.

To address climate change no nation could act like a lone wolf as it is a global phenomenon, any bad decision by a country could have negative impacts on other countries. Due to global air circulation and ocean current circulation, our entire globe is interconnected and they act like carriers of climate change. Terrorism and climate change, both require global participation if we desire to tackle them. Sooner we realize better it would be for all of us.

All the stakeholders like global institutions, intellectuals, politicians, scientists, businessmen, media, civil society and citizens should come together to evolve a holistic solution to tackle it. We should never forget that climate change is a scientific fact just like Newton’s law of motion, Einstein’s relativity theory, Mendel’s genetic law and others. Doubting the genuineness of it would be a suicidal act from our part . Instead of this all of us should “Think Globally & Act Locally” to perpetuate our existence, in fact there is no other option.

Tough Questions



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