Independence of India act formed two independent dominion-India & Pakistan and let all the princely states to decide which dominion they wanted to join. But this act hadn’t mentioned about choice given to already independent democratic nation and this makes the case of Baluchistan quite interesting as it comes under the later type of nation which already had its own constitution and invaded by Pakistan. This invasion and lack of development in the area led to demand of freedom by Baluchistan rebels. Recently Pakistan blamed India for its involvement in unrest in Baluchistan, though people of Baluchistan are facing hardship but India openly supporting this cause has some serious implications which are as follows-

1. Kashmir issue: Pakistan always try to make Kashmir an international issue but India take it as a part of bilateral dispute with Pakistan. Any explicit involvement of India in Baluchistan may give Pakistan an edge over Kashmir issue in international arena.

2. China: Gwadar port is located in Baluchistan, so India’s involvement will bring China and India face to face in already tensed South Asian region. Gwadar port is being financed by AIIB, where India is one of the major contributors, so economically too it will not be a wise move.

3. Principle of diplomacy– Diplomacy should always be done secretly and any open move could be harmful for a nation.

4. South Asia– this region is facing lack of integration due to India-Pakistan tension and any further escalation in dispute is not desirable

5. Economic loss– Tension with Pakistan will affect India more; India has more to lose out of this tension which could hamper its ease of doing business environment, fdi inflow, tourism sector etc adversely.

6. Talks with Pakistan– people from both the country share same history, culture, language etc, and to solve any issue talks should remain open not just for solving disputes but to keep in touch with each other like US-Canada or USSR-US of cold war era. Explicit support by India will affect the talks

7. Image of India– In international sphere India is respected for its non interference in domestic affairs of other nations since the time of NAM, and openly supporting Baluchistan cause may adversely affect its international image and let other nations to involve in India’s domestic affairs openly.


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