Why India should not attempt Tibet like experiment with Baluchistan?

balochIt would be quite ideal, outdated and not desirable situation because of the following reasons-
1. Nuclear weapon– Both India and Pakistan are nuclear weapon state, and because of nuclear deterrence we have not witnessed any open war between them after Pokhran test of 1998. In fact Kargil adventure was an attempt by Pakistan to check our nuclear tolerance level. This is quite global phenomenon, for example-cold war era didn’t culminate into world war 3 because of nuclear age. So right now no nation can afford to take any kind of nuclear risk and thus involvement of international community is quite obvious in case of any such attempt by India with Baluchistan.
2. Tibet– India’s Tibet policy is a debatable topic, some would say that it has balanced China and some will say it is the main source of tension between the two nations. If you see then Tibet was one of the major factors behind 1962 war with China. China is quite sensitive about their sovereignty and thus India’s Tibet policy just hits China below the belt. China has peacefully solved its land border disputes with other nations but because of Tibet it is not doing the same with India and with time things are now more complex. Any way at this point of time India could not afford to have next Tibet like policy
3. Bangladesh– India’s north east states are disturbed due to Bangladesh migrants/refugees and any influx of new set of people from Baluchistan will be like adding fuel on fire.
4. International Community– Pakistan would be able project itself as a victim of Indian aggression and thus the whole south Asia may again come together against India. China too would project India as interfering in its Tibet region. The whole scenario might witness tit for tat scene. Right now we are in good terms with the US but that doesn’t mean that it will come for India’s help as in international politics ‘self interest’ comes first
5. Policy making– Policy making should aim for Peace and not for any further war like situation as an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.
6. Already our economic resources are under constraints, we are facing social tension environment, it might possible that government will gain some political advantage in short term by doing so but country would pay in long term basis. In short India couldn’t afford to do so.

Giving warnings are different than actual putting it into practice. Yes, India could raise human right abuses in Baluchistan in international forum but before doing so it should be ready to face/ counter same allegations from other nations. So that’s how it is!


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