A Three Line Short Horror Story- Chapter 8 (The Black Cat)

db_shirley_enright-_black_cat1A frightened lady sitting on her recliner muttered, “He came back, he came back!”

Her husband standing in front of her in a dark room asked “Who came back?”

While shivering she replied “The Black Cat whom you killed with your axe last week.”

After being mum for a moment he said “Sweetie, dead things don’t come back, once you are dead, you are dead.”

“Then who is he?” she said anxiously while pointing her finger towards wall behind him.

He turned around, widened his eyes and saw two glowing eyes of a cat, of a white cat. After a haughty smile he said “See yourself, it’s a different cat, a white cat.”

And then he hastily turned back towards her but got stupefied and fell on the floor. His face turned pale & with an agape mouth he witnessed a black cat face lady sitting on a recliner, she said , “Yes, I know it’s a different cat” and got her claws out.



Image Courtesy: http://www.catsfineart.com



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