A Three Line Short Horror Story- Chapter 15

Everyday John would take metro train for his office, it was a regular affair, and then the incident happened. That was just like any other day when John saw him, a middle-aged man with deep green eyes, he was standing at the other end of bogey and was continuously staring at John, which made John a little conscious and to distract himself he started looking at his cellphone. Next day, while in metro he lifted up his head from his cellphone screen and saw him again, that day also ‘the man’ gazed at him without blinking his eyes but, he was closer to him than the last day and to avoid his gaze, John started looking outside the window. Next day, while in metro again, he moved his sight from the window towards the bogey when he found the staring man standing right besides him and intensely looking at him. John became quite uneasy and hurriedly got out of the metro train in the very next station. Next day, as soon as he entered the metro train he looked all around the bogey but couldn’t see him and took a sigh of relief. While coming out of the metro station, he took two escalators and then, while crossing cafeteria area he suddenly stopped. At the glass door of a coffee shop he could see the reflection of all passer-by behind him, he tried to look closer at the reflections to look out for that middle-aged man but he couldn’t. Suddenly, he felt that something unusual was going on and started looking at his own reflection at the glass door, but everything was normal except those deep green eyes instead of his black eyes!



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