A Three Line Short Horror Story- Chapter 21(A Carnivore) 

“My Lord, I would say our nation ought to ban non vegetarianism, it is so immoral to eat living, strolling creatures”, a legal counselor representing vegetarianism argued under the steady gaze of a judge.

Opposition legal counselor grinned, stood up friskily and said to his rival attorney, “Old buddy, for your kind information, I would relish to bring to your notice that your vegetables are nothing but live embryos! Furthermore, embryos are embryos, whether they are of plants or of humans. I could proudly say that I don’t eat embryos, however you eat them. How immoral you are!”

At that point, the veggie attorney unexpectedly envisioned how he enjoyed eating smashed potatoes’ embryos with crushed,mashed and baked wheat embryos in his today’s breakfast, he licked his lips and mumbled, “Yes, they were delicious!”


Image Courtesy- http://www.deviantart.com





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