A Three Line Short Horror Story- Chapter 22 (The Window)

with_anguish_looking_out_the_window_by_nataliadrepina-d8l6n6pJennie could not keep her eyes off from the closed window of her hotel room, she had been continuously staring at it without even a twitch for some 24 hours in absence of Charlie, her husband. Next day, Charlie returned from his office work and saw her gazing the window, he called her by name but she didn’t utter a word. Afterward he waved his palm off her face but she didn’t move at all and then he shook her by the shoulders but still she was motionless.

He pivoted and saw that closed window, there was some beauty about it as if concealing some dark secrets behind it. He advanced towards the window, touched it, tenderly opened its lock, put a little force outward and the closed window opened.

His eyes got widened as he saw an old cemetery outside the window, he took a deep breath and turned around towards her wife. She was all the while gazing at the window but now with blood dribbling eyes and afterward she smilingly said to him, “Thanks for the invitation!”

(Image Courtesy:  www.deviantart.com)





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