The Joker

clownJohnny put a red colored clown wig over his head, then he placed a small cherry hued ball on his nose & with his white-painted fingers he switched on the corner lights of his mirror cabinet. The white-painted face of Johnny was sparkling as beam of light fell on his face but he noticed that something was missing, he checked all his frill and afterward his moving eyeballs glanced all around his image on flashy mirror glass and then he broadened his lips and smiled.

“How do I look?” he turned around and asked to Melissa, who was sitting on a chair and gazing at him.

She answered, “A complete joker!” and chuckled and he joined her as well.

She then asked him, “But why joker?”

While keeping up his widened grin, he answered, “Because joker is caring but he could also harm others, he is fair but he could be unfair too, joker respects authority, joker is a part of community and of course joker stands for purity.”

He paused for sometime, and while keeping up his look with her eyes he then proceeded, “And all along, people adore him, as they look themselves into the joker. In fact joker is the only human bound character in the arena of circus.”

She contracted her eyes, smiled and stated, “I got your point, so humans resemble jokers in this circus of life!”

He said, “No! The joker is only human in the life of circus!”

Both of them chuckled and after that he heard applauding sound from the stage side and then he said to her, “I have to go now, would you like to join me?”

She said, “No, I’m not a part of your circus. You enjoy!”

He looked at her, then again heard the crowd’s cheering sound and announcement of his name and after that he pushed ahead towards the stage. He was going to leave the room when he faintly heard something from her.

He rotated, glanced at her, then raised his eyebrows in a querying way as sound of circus was all around and furthermore he couldn’t believe what he had just heard from her.

She again smilingly stated, “I’ll wait for you outside your circus.”

He said, “Done!” and hurriedly left the room for the show.


©Raj Krishna 2017

Image Courtesy:,





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