Return to Innocence


“Here comes the man with the big mouth and he eats the white elephant,” Phil, six year-old boy uttered to himself while lying down at terrace floor and staring up at spring clouds with his small but curious eyes. Clouds were making different random patterns and , a young, fragile brain was trying to bring out some known meaningful figures from those meaningless, lifeless entity and creating story of the day.


He continued, “Hey,hey watch out you big mouth man, there is a dinosaur behind you.”

 “Run! Run!, Orelse he too will eat you.”

 “Gosh! Man is dead, May his soul rest in peace”, he innocently spoke these words after dinosaur shaped cloud collided with the big mouth man and; then,  he noticed a cross sign figure on clouds and eventually ended the story.

Smilingly he stood up and looked at his left and saw Danny, 8 year-old boy, his elder brother ,was sitting with Vicky, 8 year-old girl, their neighbour, at the corner of terrace. Suddenly both of them too stood up, held each other’s hand, looked at Phil and jumped off the terrace.

Phil was shocked, tears dropped off his eyes as he saw them jumping off the terrace, and he started running towards the corner of terrace from where , they jumped. The feeling of losing his brother forever was running all over his mind and body, he just couldn’t even speak anything and as he reached at the terrace corner ,  this feeling of losing faded away as he saw Danny & Vicky playing on a heap of sand , which was below the terrace. He wiped the tears from his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, Danny shouted, “Hey Phil, What are you looking at? Just hop on the sand & you will be safe.”

Phil looked at him and then lifted his head up the sky and saw that the dark orange sun was about to set, clouds were hazy and about to fade for the day. And then,  he replied, “I am an audience and not a character. Characters play roles and , audience watch and adore them.”

Vicky looked up at Phil and said, “For us, you are a character and we are audience” , then she giggled and threw sand balls up with her hands, which she was hiding behind her back, towards the terrace aimed at Phil.

©Raj Krishna 2017

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  1. “…known meaningful figures from those meaningless, lifeless entity and creating story of the day.” I like that. And they are plenty meaningless, lifeless entities up there in form of assembled clouds that always tempt us to make a known meaningful figure out of them.

  2. Beautiful story. It’s hard to say who is audience and who is character. It’s relative. Btw I loved the way you mentioned those clouds. Reminded me of my childhood. I had my own world of clouds. Keep writing. Cheers!

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