Leaving on a Jet Plane

Rain was hitting the soil at full drive, prompting spread of crisp soil scent all around the area. Amidst this show of nature, Romeo was sitting all solitary on the bench at park, soaked by water through and through. He gazed at the sprinkling sky with his wet eyes which were disguised by sprinkle of mists. Clouds thundered however that sound was nothing before his piercing heart beat.

He uttered, “I need to pick one, between you and my obligations which I owe to this nation. I don’t know whether I’ll return or not and I don’t want your eyes to get drained in wait of my advent. I know it will be tough for you, however sweetheart for me it is agonizing yet I need to do it for your bliss. I need to go yet on the off-chance that I return despite everything I discover you there then most likely that will be the most blissful moment  of my life yet I don’t need you to know my this intention.”

Rain halted however his tears didn’t but then like every other soldier he moved towards his battalion to consummate his obligations.


jet plane

Image Courtesyhttp://www.findingsilverpennies.com







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