A Homily Affair

Wrote this in 2014, Hope you guys will like it.

Jajabor, The Nomad

original-sin-bill-meeker - Copy“Hahahaha…so you still here?”-The Black widow utters. Dedzz stares at the Black widow. The Black widow asks him “Now when you are so much filled up with the white light, the positive light, the optimist light then why coming back to the other pole”. He mums for a couple of seconds and then shots his tongue for the first time, “May be unalike attract each other”. “Your take, not mine”- The Black Widow replies.

The Black widow, who is sorcerer this time, dressed in long black gown, trying to spice up the cooking bowl which is over the flame of fig woods, again asks him “What do you think I am doing?” “Cooking up something may be some maleficial dish to mesmerize someone in order to gain some favor from this someone” Dedzz replies idiotically. “Stereotyping is epistemologically erroneous in nature” after speaking these words The Black widow gaze at…

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