Buddha’s Nirvana (Dwelling into Buddha’s Mind)


In the contemporary world, there has been increased interest in Buddhism, the reason could be many and the pioneer among them are rising materialistic culture and the creation of mass society which have already alienated men(women) from himself, from fellow beings and from the society. So why people are seeking peace in Buddhism? What is it about?

Buddhism is a life philosophy, which tries to look at life from a realist point of view. It means defining what it is, rather than how it ought to be. It had been given by Prince Siddhartha (563 BC- 483 BC) of Sakya Dynasty of India (popularly known as Buddha) after he left home for seeking real meaning of life. It’s a famous story and could be easily accessed using Google.

Now the issue is what he finally found out, or what understanding of life appeased him? He applied the method of critical reasoning, logic and questioning to others understanding of life and to his own understanding. He questioned everyone and everything including himself and finally came up with his four noble truths.

  1. The world is full of suffering.
  2. Desire is a root cause of all suffering.
  3. This suffering could end.
  4. Ways of ending suffering.


Here in this article I’m going to talk about the second noble truth, that’s how he deduced that “Desire is a root cause of suffering”. So before coming into this conclusion Buddha asked himself 11 sequenced questions and he got numerous answers for each question, and based on his understanding and clarity he chose most apt answer and moved forward to next question which refuted answer of the last question. And by following this sequential step he could conclude that desire is a root cause of all suffering. These eleven questions and answers are as follows:

1.Why there is pain or suffering?

Ans: Because we are born.

2.Why do we born?

Ans: Because there is a will to become.

3.Why there is a will to become?

Ans: Because we are clinging to the objects of the world.

4.Why we are clinging to objects of the world?

Ans: Because we have desired to cling to the objects of the world.

5.Why have we those desires?

Ans: Because we are experiencing many things in this world.

6.Why are we experiencing?

Ans: Because we have some sorts of contact to the objects of the world.

7.Why are those contact found?

Ans: Because we possess the six sense organs.

8. Why are these six sense organs?

Ans: Because we have a form and a name.

9.Why do we have a form and a name?

Ans: Because we are conscious/rational being.

10. Why we are conscious?

Ans: Because of impression (capture form/images of objects).

11. Why we have the impression?

Ans: Because we are ignorant or having no proper knowledge.

Thus, he concluded that it’s desire which causes suffering. Furthermore, he added that nothing here is accidental, everything is caused by something. And that is principal law of the cosmos. Based on this he then said that suffering could be ended and gave ways to end this suffering which is popularly known as his “Eight fold path”. I would deal other principles of Buddhism next time, and till then may be for a while “Think about Life”!




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