To My Dear Autumn

an_autumn_afternoon_by_eddiecalz-d85evcmWhile taking a gander at trees shedding their leaves, she said to herself, “Autumn is here once again but you are not here yet. You asked me to wait till last winter and now this wait is getting unusually longer. These leaves will grow again but I’m not sure about my shedding tears. And I hope that afore they dried up totally you would come back and hold me in your arms forever and ever.”

Meanwhile, he while sitting in front of his office desktop and looking at her framed photograph which was placed next to his workstation, uttered, “I know I am running late as winter had passed ages ago , summer had also bid farewell and now autumn is fresh once again. I too want to break this seasonal cycle but it seems like nature has its own very plan for us. And though I might get late but definitely I would come back to you soon, very soon.”

He then switched off his computer, drank a glass of water, looked at his wrist watch and said, “ So many things to do, so little time.” After this he again switched on his computer and commenced working.


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