Break Up Story

548c046734e6b_-_rbk-couple-fighting-silhouetteMoonlight from a full moon lit up the dark cloudless sky, when, a sixth floor corridor of a building was resonating with squealing voices of a couple. Doors of all the four apartments of the corridor were closed and the left side corner apartment was the source of this disturbance.

 A man yelled at a woman, “I can’t live with you now, it’s unbearable. I shouldn’t have believed in your words. Even I have a right to live my own life happily and that’s what I am going to do now. I’m leaving!” He opened the door forcefully and came out of the flat and moved towards the staircase which was at the end of right side of the passage.

He had an anger expression all over his face, yet his eyes were also holding tears showing his pure love for her. He all of a sudden halted and stepped towards the same flat again. He opened the door and entered into his abode, but to his stark surprise the lady was not there. Under the dim lit atmosphere with properly arranged furniture and aesthetic interior design, he tried to find her everywhere inside but apparently she wasn’t there.

 He regretted for being selfish and leaving her alone, and now he wanted to know about her whereabouts. So he took out his cellphone and called her.

After ringing for 40-50 seconds she picked up the call.mobile_phone_render_v2_by_graberione-d5ti3ca

He sorrowfully said, “Hey, where are you?”

She replied in a cracking voice, “I have already left. You were right, I made your life miserable. I’m really sorry for what I did to you and now I’ll rectify this. I won’t bother you anymore. Bye, Take Care!”

And the connection cut out.

He tried to call her back but, it was not reachable now, as answered by the recorded voice message of the mobile operator.

He came abruptly out of his sixth floor apartment, hurriedly moved towards the stairway, came four floors down but he was out rightly shocked to see himself still in his sixth floor. He again came four floors down yet outcome didn’t differ this time also as he still found himself in the same sixth floor.

dark_cloud_by_chexmixhoFull moon was suddenly covered up by the dark clouds, and as weight of water droplets became too heavy to hold, clouds burst and it started raining. In the meantime, tears which until now were confined inside his eyes, now rolled down on his cheeks.

He could hear the thundering sound coming from outside while standing on the passage of his sixth floor. What’s more, in the midst of all these, now, he could hear the footsteps sound, as if someone was descending from upper floor.

 Sound was now approaching towards him and, hair of his both arms started standing up out of the fear. His eyes were dilated as he could now see a shadow coming down from steps of the staircase. He became standstill and froze as he saw that entity finally.

It was a dog of dachshund breed, however not a regular one, as it had a human face with a goatee style beard. Human faced dog didn’t say anything, he gradually and gradually moved towards him, then crossed him, then turned back its human face towards the man. It asked him to follow it through its motion of eyes and body language. Without uttering a word he did the same and both of them entered into the same room once again and the door closed.



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