Lilith Chapter 1 (Horror Series)(*Adult Content)

Warning- Adult Content

welcome_to_surgery_by_tifacrimsonwings-d6mox9hSaniya, 35 years old lady was lying down on a bed inside operation theater when flashes from surgical light were making her to close her eyes occasionally. A nurse who was standing close to her right hand would gently shook her head whenever she saw her closing her eyes. Touch of nurse’s latex gloves on her face was quite unusual for her, as she had prior encounter of latex touch at very intimate part of her body. This touch helped her to remember Jay, her better half.

All of a sudden she realized her current situation when doctor’s eyes came before her as she turned her head towards left. She recollected how her pregnancy had developed some complexity and out of the blue pain started in her abdomen. Jay somehow single-handedly managed to bring her to hospital at about mid night. Though her pain was subsidized now but at the expense of her full consciousness.

Behind the surgical light, she could now see light green walls, this light green shade green_mamba_snake_by_meeshoo17reminded her of a snake which she accidentally touched at garden when she was a little child. Her mother screamed like anything on seeing this before forcefully pulling her up off the ground. Furthermore, the snake managed to escape by merging into the background of fallen leaves.

Out of nowhere she felt a snake’s movement above her belly, beneath which her soon to be born first child was resting. She turned her head towards her stomach, her eyes widened but gaze was yet hazy. But somehow she could make sense of a womanly hand with very long nails on each finger, which was tapping on her swollen stomach.


She looked at the nurse for some avail but it looked like as if that none of the 4 members of medical team were able to see anything. Pressure started to build up in her abdomen, and she saw that those fingers with big nails started moving downward towards her inner thighs. She screamed as that hand entered into her vagina and reached near to her uterus.

Nail of index finger cut the umbilical cord by which baby was attached to Saniya’s uterus wall. Tears dropped down from Saniya’s eyes, her body started trembling and blood started flowing out of her vagina on her thighs.

The entire medical team got stunned as they didn’t know how this happened. And then Saniya’s ears heard her last words before closing her eyes for the last time. Those words were of the other nurse who was standing near Saniya’s legs and she said to the doctor, “There’s no baby inside!”

…..To be Continued.



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  1. According to the Alphabet of ben Sirach and perhaps some other sources, Lilith could enslave or consume infants. She has a rich Biblical and mythological history.

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