Valentine Day’s Special (My Unbridled Heart)

Valentines-DayHey people, I hope you all are having good time in life. Though ‘good time’ is quite relative concept and if life is not treating you as per your expectations then always remember, “This, too shall pass”; it isn’t bad policy after all.

So here I am sharing a love song composed by my dear friend Jatin Underground . Song is in Hindi language, written by Mr. Sajal Kumar. I am very thankful to Lost Soul, aka Priya Singh for its poetic version/English translation and like her every poem, this poetic version/translation , I would say is just mind-boggling. If you aren’t following her yet, then go right away to her blog or else I’m afraid that you would miss something precious in your life.

Now, to cut a long story short; here’s the song and its poetic version.


And thanks in advance.


My Unbridled Heart

  My unbridled heart.

 This heart is so ardent

It is so vehement

I don’t think

Neither this heart

Loosing myself

In your thoughts

Hearing words

That you don’t speak

I hear you soul

Seeing your eyes

You aren’t near

Still here, somewhere

This world cease to exist

Without you my love

Baby this heart

It knows no bound




In you

For you

Loving you

Oh my love

My heart beats your name

You are mine

& I am yours

I love you

Will always do

For this life &

For hundred more

Baby I am sure

You are a charm

& you are my grace

You are the sweetest

Smile on my face

My fascination

My incantation

You are my home

My destination

No more I can wait

I wish you in my fate.

Breathing you

You are a scent of the blossom

Watching you

You are white of the snow

My love

You are light in the dark

You are my sun

You are my shine

I don’t write words

I write you

Writing you

You are my story

Love of my life

You are my poem

My poetry

Enchantress of my heart

Queen of my dreams

Falling for you

I love you so

Loosing it sense

My heart just dance

Each time




For you

In you

Loving you.


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